Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review: Love on a Dime by Carolyn James Slaughter

Overall, I enjoyed the novel Love on a Dime by Carolyn James Slaughter. Although it was well written and a very easy read, I don’t think it had a lot of meat to the story, and the ending to the plot was predictable. The force that keeps the reader turning pages is to find out how the true author named, Fannie Cole, is finally revealed, and also how Lilly and Jack finally reunite.

However, that being said, I do think Carolyn did a good job with her first novel. I also liked the cover picture with the beautiful young girl. I thought it was appropriate with the time period of the story. I even liked the cleverness of her own pen name—Cara Lynn James. The plot may have been predictable, but there were a couple of surprises towards the end that were revealed through Jack’s detective work. It got to be a little humorous that Jack showed up EVERY place Lilly went. I wanted Jack to reveal to Lilly what he overheard to make him run away years ago without ever telling her why—unfortunately that didn’t happen. It’s kind of ironic that Lilly herself overheard Jack in a conversation on the phone and she wrongfully thought he was talking about her.

In addition, I did like the Reading Group Guide at the end of the story. Carolyn provided a list of ten thought provoking questions which could be used to think about what you read or to use as a study guide in a reading group.

Typos found:

(1) Page 94: “Vanessa Westbrook strolled into the library as her daughter departed in a swirl of lace and jasmine scent [that was] most becoming.”

(2) Page 106: “Actually it wasn’t, but I wish you wouldn’t gossip about me with my brother. It’s true I’m out every nearly every night, but that’s primarily to please George and Irene—and Mama.” (The extra "every" should be removed...or possibly the author meant to say "late".)

(3) There were one or two more typos, but now I can’t find where I marked them.

I love to read! I read every word, and I'm fairly good at catching those typos that were missed during editing! :)

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  1. I've missed you - you must be busy reading! Do you proof read as a living? sandie

  2. Hi Sandie. :) I dont get on Blogger as much as I do Facebook. lol No, I dont proof-read for a living--but wish I could! :) That would be a great job since I love to read and I like to catch typos! lol :) Hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend. It was pretty rainy here but we still were able to shoot a few fireworks and saw a lot of other pretty lights in the sky.